Collected Writings

The Nonconformist Plea-Bargain
1999, Fiction
2002, Poems
2002, Fiction
Alone We Can Do Nothing Together
2003, Poems
The K.E.N.O! Pamphlet
2003, Poems
(or, Tales of Performance in the
United States of America
2004, Fiction

A Film About Communism and Fascism
(or, the Post-Atlantic Chalk Circle)
2004, Screenplay

For Natalie and Natalie and Natalie
2006, Poems

The Gifted and the Worthless
2007, Non-fiction

Get Lost, Mr. Chips
2007, Non-fiction
Battles We Have Fought and Won
2010, Play

Simply Living Is Art (I)
2013, Essays

The Cut-Paper Shadow
2015, Play